Giant hermit

Petrochirus diogenes

Family Diogenidae - Left-handed hermit crabs

Lives in gastropod shells; abdomen soft, twisted, hidden inside shell, carapace and claw color red; claws unequal (right claw is larger), heavily knobbed, knobs whitish or lighter color than rest of claw; tubercles (knobs) on crushing surface of major claw; minor claw slightly spooned; back behind eyes is flat, tri-lobed in fromt; red hairs on body, especially long on last 2 segments of walking legs; antennae are white and red striped; tufts of hair above the corneas of the eyestalks.
Similar Species
The giant hermit crab can be distinguished by its size (largest hermit crab in Texas) and its heavily tubercled, red claws.
Gulf and high salinity bays, mud, shell and sand bottoms
Maximum Size
unknown, very large, estimated around 48 cm (19 in) including claws
Other Common Names
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