Green porcelain crab

Petrolisthes armatus

Family Porcellanidae - Porcelain crabs

Carapace oval, flat, slightly longer than wide; color greenish, light and dark bars on legs; 3 pair of walking legs (4th pair small and usually held under and close to body) and 1 pair of claws; claws flattened; antennae longer than body length; no carpus (segment next to claw) on claw appendage; claw appendage with 3-4 spines on inner lateral surface of merus (arms), no lobe on inner lateral surface.
Similar Species
Green porcelain crab has greenish color, no spots or stripes (except banding on legs) and has spines on the inner surface of its claw appendage arm; spotted porcelain crab is brown with white, yellow or blue spots or stripes and has a lobe on the inner lateral surface of the claw appendage arm; the striped porcelain crab is light brownish orange with darker mottling on carapace and claws and has 1 small spine on inner surface of claw appendage arm
Gulf and bay, rocky crevices, oyster reefs
Maximum Size
1 cm (2/5 in) carapace width,
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names