Campeche angelwing

Pholas campechiensis

Family Pholadidae - angelwings

Bivalve (2 shells); Shell elongate, elliptical, thin and fragile, inflated; shell color white; anterior edge of shell flips up (protoplax) and over beak (metaplax); transverse plates (mesoplax) protrude above beak forming 12 compartments; weak radial ridges of nodules, stronger at the anterior end than the posterior end (also could appear to some as concentric ridges); short broad projection (apophysis) on underside of beak; sharp posterior angle; 2 really small muscle scars underneath shell, the pallial line arcs out and downward from posterior muscle (pallial sinus), makes a sharp turn anteriorly at shell's edge (sharp V shape), and follows shell edge to anterior muscle.
Similar Species
Similar to the angelwing (Cyrtopleura costata), but the angel wing has stronger larger sculpture on shell and does not have the 12 partitions on beak.
Gulf, bores in the mud
Maximum Size
12.8 cm (5 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Can bore into wood, coral and rock.