Eastern tube crab

Polyonyx gibbesi

Family Porcellanidae - Porcelain crabs

Carapace smooth, oval, approximately 1/4 to 1/3 wider than long, frontal margin nearly straight; color light with some orange or brown, legs and underside of claws mottled; antennae (not shown in photo) narrow, about 1/2 times longer than body; chelipeds (claws) unequal (different sizes), inner margin on 2nd segment (next to claw) concave, scooped out; last outer segment of walking legs with 2 or more spines; claws and legs with fine hairs.
Similar Species
This is the only one of its species found on the east coast and GOM.
Found in the tubes of the parchment worm, Chaetopterus variopedatus. Seldom found outside the tubes.
Maximum Size
1.4 cm (1/2 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names