Sargassum swimming crab

Portunus sayi

Family Portunidae - Swimming crabs

Carapace broader than long, compressed; color orangish brown dorsally sometimes with white spots, white underneath; legs orangish brown; claws are long, orangish brown with white spots, fingers orange; last pair of legs flattened into paddle-shaped appendages; 9 pairs of spines (including the outer orbital spines) along the lateral edges of the carapace, the most posterior pair (called the lateral spines) being about 3 times as long as the others; 6 low blunt spines between the ocular orbits (eye sockets), including the inner orbit spines; spines on the inner margins of merus (2nd segment from the claws) and a small spine on inner and outer dorsal carpus (segment next to claw).
Similar Species
The orangish brown color with white spots and the 6 interorbital teeth distinguish this crab from others
Lives among floating sargassum, may be found in the Gulf and the bays
Maximum Size
6.5 cm (2 1/2 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names