Brown rangia

Rangia flexuosa

Family Mactridae - rangias

Bivalve (2 shells); shell heavy, somewhat triangular; anterior end broadly rounded; posterior end angular, pointed; distinct ridge from beak to posterior end; color whitish but covered with a blackish to brown exterior coating (periostracum); shell with concentric ridges and grooves; beak near rounded anterior end, twisted anteriorly; small gap between beaks; interior white; pallial sinus minute or absent; enlarged tooth near beak in both shells; inside posterior margin with short ridge (lateral tooth), does not reach posterior end.
Similar Species
Similar to the Atlantic rangia, but the Atlantic rangia has a rounded posterior end, a larger pallial sinus ( small to no sinus in the brown rangia) and a longer ridge (lateral tooth) on posterior margin. May be confused with the southern or Texas quahog, but the quahogs have no gap between its beaks and hae a short, rounded depression (lunule) just anterior to both beaks (no lunule in rangia).
Bays, low salinities, freshwater
Maximum Size
7.5 cm (3 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Rangianella flexuosa