Estuarine mud crab

Rithropanopeus harrisii

Family Panopeidae - Mud crabs

Carapace almost squarish, about as long as wide, anterior rounded, wider than posterior, front with slight notch; mid to posterior lateral sides straight, posterior margin slightly rounded; front margin has a groove between the eye, looks like a double ridge when view anteriorly; color olive green to brown (not solid) with variously scattered dark dots; last legs regular, not flattened; 5 spines on anterior lateral edges of carapace, anterior 2 fused into low lobe, 3rd and 4th blunt, 5th small; claws unequal, major claw with few low teeth but no enlarged tooth; top of claws brownish with scattered dots, fingers and palms white; no red spot under outer mouth parts.
Similar Species
Distinguished from other local mud crabs by no enlarged tooth on major claw, immovable finger on minor claw not spooned out on inner surface, no red spot under outer mouth part; has a groove on front edge of carapace between eyes (probably need a magnifier to see), and claws are white.
Bay, oyster reefs
Maximum Size
2 cm (3/4 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
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