Sargassum nudibranch

Scyllaea pelagica

Family Scyllaeidae - nudibranchs

Gastropod, no shell; body globular, soft, dorsoventrally flattened; color orangish brown with white specks, sometimes with blue spots; 2 pair of anterior/posterior lobes with branching gills on the tips; head with 2 flat extensions (sensory receptors called rhinophores); posterior end has a flattened dorsal flap which stands vertically; small tubercles on body; genital opening on right side in front of anterior lobe; anus between 2 right lobes.
Similar Species
The sargassum nudibranch has a unique shape and color that distinguishes it from other nudibranchs in the Gulf of Mexico.
Gulf, lives in floating sargassum seaweed
Maximum Size
4.5 cm (1 3/4 in)
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