Southern surf clam

Spisula raveneli

Family Mactridae - surf clams

Bivalve (2 shells); shell oval, triangular, somewhat inflated; color white to light yellow, interior white; shell smooth except for fine concentric growth lines, somewhat roughened on the posterior end; beaks pointed, almost central; scooped out shelf (chondrophore) underneath beak (chondrophore not well developed in juveniles); interior lateral margins on either side of beak each with 2 elongate teeth with long groove in between; both abductor muscle scars above midpoint of shell; pallial sinus wide, short, thumb-like.
Similar Species
The triangular shape helps distinguish this shell from other surf clams.
Gulf, sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
17.8 cm (7 in)
Other Common Names
Atlantic surf clam
Previous Scientific Names
Sp. solidissima, Mactra solidissima