Offshore mantis shrimp

Squilla chydaea

Family Squillidae - mantis shrimps (crustacea)

Body more lobster-like than shrimp-like; carapace and body rigid; carapace translucent, light colored; body yellowish light brown, dark pigments separate segments, bar on 2nd abdominal segment reddish with dark ends; uropods (tail fans) with little pigment; telson (hard middle part of telson) with 2 dark crescent-shaped spots with reddish color on anterior part; telson with spines on margins; claws comb-like, no movable finger, fold in towards arms; claws with 6 teeth; cornea of eyes set at angle to stalk; anteriorly curved lateral spine on 5th thoracic segment (i.e., 1st abdominal segment behind carapace).
Similar Species
The 2 crescent-shaped spots on the telson distinguish this mantis shrimp.
Maximum Size
13 cm (5 in)
Other Common Names
sea locusts, thumb splitters
Previous Scientific Names