Mantis shrimp

Squilla empusa

Family Squillidae - mantis shrimps (crustacea)

Body more lobster-like than shrimp-like; carapace and body rigid; carapace translucent, light colored; body light brown, dark pigments separate segments, dark bar on 2nd abdominal segment; uropods (tail fan) with dark pigment and deep yellow tips; telson (hard middle part of tail fan) with spines on margins; claws comb-like, no movable finger, fold in towards arms; claws with 6 teeth; cornea of eyes set at angle to stalk; anteriorly curved lateral spine on 5th thoracic segment (i.e., 1st abdominal segment behind carapace).
Similar Species
The dark bar on the 2nd abdominal segment, the deep yellow pigment on the tail fans, 6 teeth on the claws, and curved lateral spines on the 5th abdominal segment distinguish this mantis shrimp.
Maximum Size
18.5 cm (7 1/4 in)
Other Common Names
sea locusts, thumb splitters
Previous Scientific Names