Hays' rocksnail

Stramonita canaliculata

Family Muricidae - rocksnails

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape; fine spiral lines; color gray to tan, mottle with dark brown, grayish or orange marks; double rows of strong nodules on shoulder of body whorl; inside aperture orange, smooth, numerous grooves on lip; upper aperture lip concave, comes to an angle, sometimes has 2 angles, then continues downward; spire medium long; siphonal canal short, usually angled backwards.
Similar Species
Florida rocksnail does not have double row of strong nodules (but may have weak ones) on whorls and its aperture opening is usually rounded, not angular.
Gulf and passes; hard substrates such as jetties and rocky shores
Maximum Size
11.4 cm (4 1/2 in)
Other Common Names
oyster drill
Previous Scientific Names
Thais heamastoma canaliculata