Florida rocksnail

Stramonita haemastoma

Family Muricidae - rocksnails

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape; fine spiral lines; color gray to tan, mottle with dark brown, grayish or orange marks; no double rows of strong nodules on shoulder of body whorl, may be small nodules on upper whorls; inside aperture orange, smooth, grooves on lip; aperture lip usually rounded with no angle; spire medium long; siphonal canal short.
Similar Species
Hay's rocksnail has double row of strong nodules on shoulders of whorls, aperture lip has a point or angle.
Bay, on hard substrates such as rocks and oyster reefs
Maximum Size
8 cm (3 1/5 in)
Other Common Names
oyster drill
Previous Scientific Names
Thais haemastoma