Miniature moonsnail

Tectonatica pusilla

Family Naticidae - moonsnails

Gastropod (1 shell), shell spiral in shape, ovate; body whorl large; somewhat raised spire; color white to yellowish gray, usually with a lighter band below sutures, with brownish zigzag markings on body whorl; interior whitish, sometimes with brown markings; shell smooth (shiny when fresh) with fine axial growth lines; aperture D-shaped, columella (center pillar) oblique (slanted); callus (raised harden part) covering most of umbilicus (sunken or depressed area at the base of the shell) leaving only a small slit opening; callus not darkened.
Similar Species
Most similar to the shark eyes (Neverita duplicata and N. delessertiana), both of which have flatter spires than the miniature moonsnail.
Gulf and bay, sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
0.8 cm (1/3 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names