Comb bittersweet

Tucetona pectinata

Family Glycymerididae - bittersweet clams

Bivalve (2 shells); shell ovate, moderately inflated, beak area pointed with slight flare on either side; color white with brown or reddish irregular wavy concentric lines, may have pale brown outer skin (periostracum), interior white with some brown; sculpture of broad radial ribs crossed by narrow concentric growth rings, beaks point toward each other; 30-35 ribs; muscle scar with raised inner ridge; hinge area wide, arched; teeth curved, center and end ones smaller; ventral edge crenulate (scalloped).
Similar Species
Other bittersweets in the Texas area have finer ribs.
Gulf, sand and hard bottoms
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in)
Other Common Names
dog cockles
Previous Scientific Names