Red-jointed fiddler crab

Uca minax

Family Ocypodidae - Fiddler and ghost crabs

Carapace rectangular, wider than long, slight wider anteriorly, lateral edge of carapace curved anteriorly (not straight); when viewed from the side, the carapace is more convex anteriorly than posteriorly; females with very small claws; males with 1 oversized claw with oblique tubercle ridge from inner margin of palm to outer edge of claw; oversized claw with red spots on articulations; merus (4th segment from tip) of 2nd and 3rd walking legs with sparse (as opposed to dense patches) rows of stiff hairs on inner surfaces.
Similar Species
Males are easier to distinguish from other fiddler crabs because of the red coloration in its articulation area.
Bay, muddy bottoms, above the intertidal zone
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names