Fargo's wormsnail

Vermicularia fargoi

Family Turritellidae - wormsnails

Gastropod (1 shell); shell spiral in shape, spire elongate, pointed; color tan to reddish brown; 3 spiral ribs on lower whorls; very fine axial ribs; young with whorls attached to each other, tightly coiled; older snails with lower whorls detached, spiraling worm-like; aperture squarish; siphonal canal absent.
Similar Species
Most similar to the white-tipped wormsnail (V. knorrii), but the upper whorls on the white-tipped are white. Turritellids are similart to the auger shells (Terebridae), but the circular aperture and lack of a siphonal canal distinguishes the turritellids from the terebrids.
Gulf and bays, attached to rocks or on mud bottoms
Maximum Size
Tighter coils about 1.8 cm (3/4 in), with detached whorls about 8 cm (3 in)
Other Common Names
West Indian wormsnail
Previous Scientific Names
V. spirata
Has not been found live in Texas, but shells are common on the beach in south Texas.