Sauerkraut bryozoan

Zoobotryon verticillatum

Family Vesiculariidae - bryozoans

Colony of polyps; looks like sauerkraut, resembles an algal plant with many branches; color is off-white to light green, translucent to transparent; polyps and more detail cannot be seen with the naked eye; when stolon (main branches) are squeezed, they collapse and become flaccid; each node on the stolon usually has 3 branches, but sometimes 2 or irregular branching.
Similar Species
This bryozoan is similar in appearance and color to the red algae, Gracillaria, but the red algae's body walls will not collapse when squeezed.
Gulf and bay, found on hard substances or floating on surface in large masses
Maximum Size
Other Common Names
spaghetti bryozoan
Previous Scientific Names