Strombidae - True Conchs

Strombidae, the true conchs, have medium to large shells with a conic, pointed spire. The outer lip of the shell flares outward, sometimes upward, and may have spines or knobs on its edge. The sculpture may be smooth or have knob-like projections, usually occurring on the shoulders of the whorls. There is a distinct notch at the lower end of the outer lip from which it can extrude an eye. The aperture is long and narrow. The operculum is small and claw-like and does not enclose the entire aperture. It is used for locomotion and defense. This allows the snail to kick or leap instead of gliding smoothly like other snails. Some of these snails once supported a huge fishery but has since dwindled due to overfishing. There are 5 species found in Texas waters.