Turritellidae - Wormsnails and Turretsnails

Turritellidae, the wormsnails and turretsnails (also called tower snails, screw snails and true augers) have long, slender, screw-like or turreted shells, generally with strong spiraling cords. The shells lack a siphonal canal. In the wormsnails, the older whorls of the spire separate and become loosely and erratically coiled, resembling the shells of some annelid worms. Most turritellids are free-living though some will attach themselves to hard objects. Unlike most gastropods which are carnivores, turritellids are filter feeders. They filter out fine food particles suspended in the water column or may burrow and feed on small particles of detritus. This feeding method is more common to bivalves. There are 4 species of turritellids found in Texas.