Saltmarsh false foxglove

Agalinis maritima

Family Scrophulariaceae - emergent vegetation

Emergent vegetation, erect; leaves are narrow, linear, fleshy (succulent), mostly opposite on stem, 2 or more leaves at each node; leaves numerous and bushy at lower ends of stems, becoming sparse at upper ends; flowers pink to purple, trumpet or bell-shaped, 5-lobed, purple spots inside with 2 yellow stripes, fuzzy on edges and interior; flowers with pedicels (stems) that attach to main stems; flowers found on upper ends of stems; fruits round with 5-lobed base, 1 or 2 pointed projections on upper surface, borne on short stems, splits in two when ripe (each half with center groove); seeds tiny, black.
Similar Species
The saltmarsh false foxglove can be distinguished from other Agalinis species in coastal areas by its succulent leaves. A. heterophylla does not have pedicels (stems on flowers). It's flowers attach directly to the main stem. A. fasciculata has rough stems that are pubescent (having small hairs). A. strictifolia, found on the southern coast, has leaves that are not succulent and not densely crowded.
Salt marshes
Maximum Size
up to 61 cm (24 in)
Other Common Names
saltmarsh gerardia, seaside gerardia
Previous Scientific Names
Gerardia maritima, A. spiciflora




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