Sea-ox-eye daisy

Borrichia frutescens

Family Asteraceae - emergent vegetation

Emergent vegetation, leaves are thick, narrow, with one vein down its center and very light veins offshoot, grayish green; leaf margins are smooth, not serrated; flowers are yellow with brownish yellow centers, daisy-shaped, centers hardened, becoming spiny burrs; flowers all year long; fruits are small, white, containing 1 seed, have hair-like extensions, similar to dandelions, which help them disperse.
Similar Species
Similar to the camphor daisy, Rayjacksonia phyllocephala, but the camphor daisy has distinctly serrated leaves (though only at the base sometimes), and its leaves are usually alternating whereas sea-ox-eye daisy has opposite leaves.
Sand dunes, edges of salt and brackish marshes
Maximum Size
90 cm (3 ft)
Other Common Names
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