Gulf searocket

Cakile geniculata

Family Brassicaceae - emergent vegetation

Emergent vegetation; shrub-like, multibranching; leaves are elongate, broad towards the tips, slightly succulent (fleshy), usually irregular margins (dentate or lobed); fruit are elongate, narrow; round in cross section, slightly tapering at tip; 1 or more joints along its length, alternating on stems (about 3-4 per 180°), pointing upward at angle to stem; stem of fruits angular; leaves and fruit yellow to green; flowers with 4 white petals and a yellow center.
Similar Species
Might be mistaken for a succulent like the maritime saltwort, Batis maritima or one of the glassworts, Salicornia sp. The Gulf sea rocket can be distinguished by its alternating branched fruit. In another sea rocket, the coastal searocket (C. lanceolata), the stems that bear the fruit are straight, not bent at angles.
Dunes, sandy beaches
Maximum Size
60 cm (2 ft).
Other Common Names
Gulf sea rocket, saltwater mustard
Previous Scientific Names




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