Red algae

Gracilariopsis longissima

Family Gracilariaceae - marine algae (red)

Marine red algae; color purplish red to gray to translucent green; plant body (thallus) very bushy, becoming less bushy with age; branches fleshy, repeatedly dividing, occasionally dichotomously (into 2 branches). up to 2 mm (1/10 in) in width, round in cross-section, tapering distally; swollen bump-like fruiting bodies (cystocarps) may be numerous, scattered all over the branches.
Similar Species
Other Gracilariaceae in our area have flattened branches (as opposed to round) or are calcareous (hardened, not fleshy). The red algae may also look similar to the sauerkraut bryozoan, Zoobotryon verticillatum, but the bryozoan is flaccid, not firm, will collapse when branches are squeezed.
Gulf and bays, attaches to shell, stone or other hard objects
Maximum Size
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Gracilaria verrucosa




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