Shoal grass

Halodule beaudettei

Family Cymodoceaceae - seagrass

Submerged seagrass; rhizome (long, usually horizontal stem from which stalks and leaves arise) horizontal, underground, white in color; leaves arise from short stalks attached to the rhizome, 2-4 leaves per node; leaves flat, very narrow, up to 2 mm in width, tips (when not broken off) with 3 points (1 long, wide point in the center, 2 smaller points laterally); length of leaves from 5 cm (2 in) to 40 cm (16 in) depending on water depth; leaves sheathed at the base; flowers are rare, small and insignificant, form at the base of the stems; 2 roots extend from the each node of the rhizome.
Similar Species
Similar to the widgeon grass, but the widgeon grass has a zigzag shaped, green or yellow rhizome, with leaves extending from alternating sides, and has 1 root extending from lower nodes of rhizomes. Also widgeon grass leaves have a 1 point tip.
Bays, shallow waters, silty mud to coarse sand
Maximum Size
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
H. wrightii, Diplanthera wrightii




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