Star grass

Halophila engelmannii

Family Hydrocharitaceae - emergent vegetation

Submerged seagrass; rhizome (long, usually horizontal stem from which stalks and leaves arise) horizontal, underground or on the surface; roots at the nodes on the rhizome; stems arise at the nodes with a pair of scales (rudimentary leaves) about half way up and another pair at the base of stem; 4 to 8 oblong leaves in a whorl at end of stem, each up to about 1 inch long and .25 inch wide; leaves with main center vein and longitudinal veins each side near borders, 6 to 8 pair of veins between border and center vein, margins finely serrated margins; stems sometimes branched.
Similar Species
Star grass is the only seagrass that have no basal sheaths (tubular or rolled part) on leaves. Its also distinguished by its short oblong leaves.
Sandy or muddy bottoms, shallow to deep water
Maximum Size
stem up to 10 cm (4 in)
Other Common Names
Engelmann's seagrass, clover grass
Previous Scientific Names




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