Largeleaf pennywort

Hydrocotyle bonariensis

Family Araliaceae - emergent vegetation

Emergent vegetation, viny, large circular leaves with many branching veins projecting out from the center, margins of leaves scalloped; leaves are peltate (stems attach to the center of the leaves instead of the margin); flowers tiny, white to yellowish, found in clusters, whorled, on its own stalk, stalk may exceed the height of the leaves; vines root at the nodes (where stems attach).
Similar Species
The round peltate leaves and its propensity to growing on sandy, saline soil help distinguish this plant from others.
Sand dunes, wet and sandy soils adjacent to brackish or salt water
Maximum Size
stem up to 51 cm (20 in), usually 10-25 cm (4-10 in)
Other Common Names
dune water pennywort, coast pennywort, dollarweed, sombrerillo
Previous Scientific Names




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