Sea lavender

Limonium carolinianum

Family Plumbaginaceae - emergent vegetation

Emergent vegetation, usually erect; leaves ovate, long, up to 2.1 cm (8 3/8 in), green, leathery, forming a rosette at the bottom of the main stem; stem erect, stiff, highly branched with alternating secondary stems; flower cluster at end of secondary stems; flowers very small, purple with white sepals, sepals may remain after flower gone; smaller scale-like leaves at stem bases.
Similar Species
Similar to the sea beach pimpernel, Samolus ebracteatus, but the pimpernel has white or pink flowers. Its basal leaves are wider and rounder than the sea lavender's. It is also smaller and not quite as branching.
Dunes, saltmarsh shores
Maximum Size
up to 90 cm (3 ft)
Other Common Names
marsh rosemary, lavender thrift
Previous Scientific Names
L. nashii




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